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Nan is a real dynamo!  She is energetic, hard-working and reliable. 

While she was our buyer at Macy’s more than 7 years ago, she was very hands-on in the successful launch of the Russell Simmons Jewelry Brand called Simmons Jewelry Co.  Now, almost a decade later, we are excited to have Nan back on our team as the lead consultant for Esquire Men’s Jewelry in partnership with Hearst Communications.   

With her tenured experience at Macy’s, Nan is advising our brand by giving us monthly comprehensive business analysis which help us to dissect our business internally from a merchandising and sales point of view, as well as externally by aligning our retailer’s sales plan to what is actually happening at the store level.  

In addition, Nan has also prepared my team with top-level business presentations for management meetings and conclaves that accurately illustrate and reinforce the points that we consider mission critical to our business.

With experience as a merchant AND planner, Nan asks the tough questions that will elevate your brand in succeeding in today’s competitive and omni-channel environment.  I would recommend her to any manufacturer looking to maximize their business or to any company looking to build their brand.



I had the pleasure of working with Nan on several projects. Nan developed a comprehensive marketing calendar for my company to build brand awareness and to stay organized. She always has an answer for your most important questions. Nan has many industry connections including press and editors. She is always interested in what is new and guides you in the proper direction for your business to succeed. Strategizing business plans and putting goals in place is something that comes natural to her given her many years of experience in the industry. I look forward to our future projects together!

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Not only Nan has given us great advice on organizing my line for selling to retailers, but has supplied a well curated mailing list, doubling ours for our particular audience. Her experience in working with larger companies distills into strategies we can use to grow. Her overall knowledge of the jewelry landscape is impressive as is her ability to classify looks and lines into meaningful categories. As projects emerge, we will be moving forward with confidence knowing that we are working with a person who really has expertise in the field.

Nan is a true professional and is the main reason as to why I chose her to be our merchandising lead and partner in my consulting company, JCS.  She is well versed in merchandising/buying and inventory management, particularly in the retail, wholesale, and Ecommerce environment.  Nan has vast experience in managing a successful team with many contacts and connections in the industry.  She would be an asset to any jewelry retailer, designer, or manufacturer looking to grow and impact their business.  Nan has the experience to get to the heart of what is needed on any project, with a clarity and honesty that allows her clients to get to what they need quickly and efficiently.




Nan is extremely passionate about her work, and it shows in the knowledge and results she provides to her clients. Nan relentlessly pursues perfection from her detailed sales projection worksheets to marketing projection plans. Nan also constantly strives to challenge herself and she consistently meets our timelines and deliverables for each project.  Her work for Liberti USA has truly exceeded all of our expectations.  If you have the opportunity to work with Nan, I suggest you take it but just note we have first dibs to work with her!



Nan’s extensive knowledge of the luxury jewelry industry combined with her positive energy was why I signed up for her services.  I knew she was the person I needed to partner with to grow my company in today’s competitive market right after our first call.

Nan analyzes my brand objectively and through a 360-degree business lens. She filters high-level strategies from her amazing experience with large corporations into a meaningful approach to better position my brand’s identity.  Jewelry designers can be very emotional and Nan has the perfect balance in her delivery to incorporate both the emotional aspects as well as quantitative aspects of a business plan to make you more profitable.

I would recommend her not once, but a million times over.  She has grown Onirikka Fine Jewelry into a better brand and I thank her for helping me get from point A to point B.




Nan is a great person to have on your side. She is passionate and innately interested in the jewelry industry, which coupled with her extensive experience, provided a positive vibe as she laid out the many tasks and strategies to get my brand started. Nan was able to analyze the business from all sides and come up with a plan that will make it more advantageous for everybody involved. I look forward to our continued work together!

Nan’s merchandising skills and planning skills were directly responsible for our successful launch of the Triton Brand at Macy’s. She carefully planned the assortment, while targeting the appropriate stores based on trends and sales history. Her professional approach and execution were essential and of course, working with a professional and nice person always makes business a lot more pleasurable.


Nan has a strong jewelry product understanding and analyzes merchandising business trends well. She has an ambitious nature and ability to work independently. She is intellectually curious and entrepreneurial. Her presentations are professional, and she always delivered on time.


Nan is one of the most detailed and professional people I’ve had the privilege of working with. She aligned both online and in-store customers with an omni-channel experience through strategic marketing plans and targeting merchandising at John Atencio. If you need someone who will pour their heart, soul, time and energy into your brand then Nan is your lady. Nothing but 100% class, everyday.


Nan is dedicated, reliable and perpetually a team player. Her ability to execute multiple merchandising strategies with proven abilities to drive sales and collaborate with cross functioning teams to ensure proper stock levels is exceptional.