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,My name is Nan Lung Palmer and I am the Owner and Managing Director of FACEts, a luxury jewelry consulting firm for established businesses, manufacturers and retailers.

For over seventeen years, I have helped family-owned companies to multi-billion dollar corporations drive sales and execute merchandising strategies within the fine jewelry trade.  With the birth of our second son, I wanted to find balance between our growing family while keeping my finger on the pulse on the industry.  I founded FACEts based on my entrepreneurial and collaborative nature.

My personalized merchandising methods can help you navigate the shifting dynamics of the industry through combining what you do best with my in-depth analysis and business intelligence.  Whether it is performing deep dives, managing inventory, forecasting sales and buys, maximizing margin, or implementing an Edit-To-Grow strategy.  Let’s discuss and conquer together.

I hope to serve as an educator, motivator, and guide for you and all your unique business needs.

Your merchandising challenge, my customized approach.  Let’s discuss and put it all together.


Nan Lung Palmer



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