From Consumers

Rajeev Bhandari

New York City, NY

I cannot begin to tell you how my process of buying a diamond for my wife was an extremely easy and stress free due to the help of Nan Lung Palmer. I had asked Nan for her help months prior and when we got started we were done before I knew it. She knows just about every diamond dealer in NYC but to make it easier for me by taking me to someone she had worked with in the past. While I was looking at diamonds, Nan was right next to me giving me her opinion and answering all my questions about the 4C’s.

After choosing a great quality diamond, Nan even helped me negotiate with the dealer. I was extremely happy with my purchase but most of all the wholesale price! I give all the credit to Nan for helping me choose the perfect ring for my fiancée at the perfect price. I would highly recommend her to someone who is looking to buy an engagement ring. She is not only well educated in this area but also a wonderful person to work with.

Rajeev and Melanie

Michael Rabb

Bozeman, Montana
Kathryn & Michael 1

Living in Montana there were not many options on where to purchase my engagement ring. Local jewelry stores were able to dictate higher prices for the diamond and setting. Nan, however, not only opened the diamond and setting market for me, she educated me on the qualities to look for so that I could be the one to make the decision on which diamond and setting to purchase for my fiancé.

Nan was over 3,000 miles from Montana, but it was like she was there. She provided me with instructional videos and documents to review and had multiple discussions over the phone with me. Soon I felt like a diamond expert myself. Nan procured various diamonds for me to look at. She sent photos of the diamonds and their certificates, which informed me of their qualities. We discussed various diamonds that were available on the market and, because of the tutorial provided by Nan, I was confident that the diamond I ultimately chose was the diamond my fiancé wanted.
Now that I had chosen the perfect diamond, I needed the perfect setting. No jeweler, however, offered the particular setting I had in mind. I provided a few examples of what I wanted the setting to look like and a description of setting-details I wanted to highlight. Nan coordinated the creation of the setting, and soon I had in-hand the custom antique inspired setting that I had in my mind.
Although, I spoke with Nan less than one-month before I planned to propose, somehow she was able to educate me, collaborate with me, and give me the confidence to create the perfect custom engagement ring in less than one month.

My fiancé said yes. She exclaimed how perfect the ring was, and with pride I let her know that I chose the diamond and had the setting created just for her. There is no other ring in the world like it . . . and that is how it should be. A few weeks later we took it in to get appraised and it appraised for THOUSANDS more than I purchased it for.
With the help of Nan, I was able to give my fiancé the custom engagement ring she deserved. It would never have been feasible, or financially possible, to do that without Nan.

Aaron King

Robesonia, Pennsylvania

I purchased my wife’s engagement ring at a local jeweler in Pennsylvania. Although she was very happy with it, the custom design of the ring made it difficult to find a wedding band that would fit or coordinate nicely with the engagement ring. The jeweler that had made the ring was no longer in business and we were very limited with other options. The small town jewelry stores seemed to want to charge big city prices and still were not able to deliver on what my wife envisioned for a wedding band.

Nan was able to help us even though we lived almost 2,000 miles away. She was very responsive to our emails and phone calls – she literally walked us through every step even though we never met face to face. Nan was also very mindful of our budget and did not sacrifice her service or the quality of the materials to create the perfect ring. Over a course of a couple weeks, Nan was able to help us find my wife’s dream setting and to coordinate the production of the ring. When we received the ring, it was even better than we imagined – my wife absolutely LOVES the band and constantly gets compliments from loved ones and strangers! With the help of Nan, I was able to give my wife a beautiful wedding band that she deserved.


Brian Corrigan

Brooklyn, New York
Brian Corrigan

The proposition of purchasing an engagement ring can be a rather tall order. The pressure of buying the “perfect” ring, in addition to the wildly varying costs based on quality can make it very difficult to determine just what makes sense? Admittedly roughly two years ago, I was in just that category. Enter Nan Palmer.

Given Nan’s extensive experience in gemology and years of experience as a jewelry buyer, seemed like a no brainer to consult with the prospect of the big purchase looming. She couldn’t have been any more helpful. She gave me the name of a trusted jeweler in New York and briefed me on what to expect on what I intended to spend. I looked through several stones before settling on what turned out to be an absolute home run. The clarity of the diamond and its sparkle receives rave reviews regularly. The setting she helped me choose proved to be a truly perfect complement to the stone. Nan’s experience and insight truly made a world of difference and I highly recommend her services. She’s a real pro.

Elizabeth Devlin and Charles Lavoie

Brooklyn, New York

Nan Palmer played an integral role in assisting my husband Charles and I with finding the ruby which is center stone for my engagement ring.  She was available and ready to advise my husband Charles every step of the way. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the jewelry industry, with a specialization in diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, assisted Charles in connecting with the stone cutter who supplied us with a beautiful ruby. 

Nan has excellent communication skills, is highly attentive to the needs of her clients and has the industry contacts and knowledge that brought everything together for us.  We recommend Nan Palmer for all jewelry needs, references and consultations.  Thank you Nan!


Andrea Arendsee

New York, New York

Lou and I decided early on that we wanted to work with a personal jewelry consultant on such a big life purchase. Working with Nan was a dream! Her knowledge of fine jewelry and her connections within the industry are incredible. I wanted a very unique style engagement ring, one that I wasn’t seeing in any jewelry store. Nan was able to work with her industry connections and make sure that the ring we created was exactly what I was looking for. She provided the best advice on selecting a diamond and was always accessible whenever we needed to talk. Nan was able to help my fiancé source an amazing deal on a diamond and the setting, one that we didn’t even think was possible.