Back to where it all started…Hong Kong
Date: April 15, 2018
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T Minus 1 week!  Hard to believe that our third child will be arriving in less than 7 days!  The above picture was taken in September of 2017 when I was traveling through Hong Kong on business.  I was about 8 weeks pregnant at the time.  (I will spare you the picture of me now at 39 weeks!)  This picture is particularly special because I was standing in front of the apartment complex that I grew up in with baby girl in my belly.  So grateful that she got to experience my 10-day journey with me…
The primary purpose for the trip was to work with my new Chinese clients but I also took the opportunity to travel on a personal level.  English is actually not my first language.  I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States when I was 11 years old.  It took me 26 years to take my first personal trip back to my home country since moving to America.  The trip also marks FACEts’ second international client after starting my company in the spring of 2016.  Being back in Hong Kong was monumental in terms of work, but also a very emotional one filled with many childhood memories.
Standing on Butterfly Beach where I spent many summers as a child made me think about my parents.  They gave up everything to move their entire family to the suburbs of Pennsylvania.  My mom would have been 36 years old when we left the country, which was how old I was in the above photo.  My dad was a decorated government officer but had to start from the bottom once we moved to America.  He didn’t speak English and had to work as a line cook while attending night school to become a medical assistance.  My mom worked as a secretary at a nursing home.  She hated the job but it provided for our family.  Now as a wife and mother of (almost) 3 kids, I thought about their hardship, the adversity they had to endure, and the sacrifices both my my parents had to make in order to provide us with a brighter future.  What they did continues to be a source of power and a reminder to keep going (especially when the going gets tough).
Below are of the highlights on my trip (from left to right):
1.) “Do what you love and never work a day in your life!”  Working with my new Chinese clients.  We got a lot accomplished during our 3-day meeting.  We also shared many wonderful meals together.
2.) Spending time with my paternal grandmother in the nursing home. Sadly, “Ah Ma” passed away over Thanksgiving weekend of 2017, just 2 months after I saw her.  She was 98 years old. Death is never an easy thing but I am thankful that we were able to share some precious moments together. Ah Ma was happy to know that her 13th great grand child will be born this month in April.
3 & 4.) Taking in all the sights.  Hiking up Victoria Peak in 90 degree and almost 100% humidity.  The view was worth the trip!
5 & 6.) Running into industry friends and former colleagues.
7 & 8.) Last but not least, the food of Hong Kong.  I definitely went home a lot heavier than when I left!

Working with my new Chinese clients who own and operate a multi-million dollar jewelry e-retailer.

Seeing my 98 year old paternal grandmother for the first time in 26 years.


Hiking up Victoria Peak in 90 degree and almost 100% humidity.

Chi Lin Nunnery.

First night in HK and had dinner with some familiar faces.

Friend and former David Yurman colleague, John Croston was way more Chinese and a Hong Konger than me. He showed ME around!

I can eat Dim Sum for breakfast or lunch everyday!

Just one of my many childhood favorites. Hong Kong style egg waffles or “eggettes”.

Throw back to 1991: Us immigrating to America with a one-way ticket (my brother and younger sister in the middle).