TIME is of the Essence
Date: June 5, 2017
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Call me “old fashioned” but I’m a sucker for manual and automatic watches.  In a digital age where your watch can track your sleep pattern to your heart rate, fine timepieces are sexier and more relevant than ever.
On May 17th, I had an unique opportunity to learn the interworking of an automatic and manual timepiece.  Art Bodin, master watch maker from Hyde Park Jewelers was part of our In The Know Series for WJA.  Art discussed the history of timepieces and setting of a mechanical watch.  He even brought live samples for us to set!  Art taught our members the difference between a high-end and a low-priced timepiece, and we explored the features and benefits of a quartz, automatic, and manual movement.  The insightful and intimate event was hosted by one of our board members of WJA at her home in RiNo with a homemade dinner provided by yours truly.  Art Bodin donated a vintage manual timepiece from his personal collection that evening with proceeds going towards our WJA Colorado scholarship fund.